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It should be noted that just like in case of Veshi yog and Vashi yog, the presence of Moon, Rahu or Ketu alone, in the houses prior or next to the house of placement of Sun is not considered for the formation of Ubhayachari yog and hence one or more than one planet other than Moon, Rahu or Ketu should be present in the houses prior and next to the house of placement of Sun in a horoscope, for the formation of Ubhayachari Yog in that horoscope. In actual practice, Ubhayachari yog is not formed in many horoscopes though it may virtually form in a number of horoscopes. For Ubhayachari yog to form in a horoscope, all the planets involved in the formation of Ubhayachari yog should be benefic or positive in the horoscope and none of these planets should be working malefic in the horoscope.

As the placement of many benefic planets in three successive house of horoscope is a comparatively rare phenomenon, hence the formation of Ubhaychari yog is also a rare phenomenon. It should be noted that the presence of malefic planets in houses 2nd or 12th from the house of placement of Sun does not lead to the formation of Ubhayachari yog and on the contrary, such placement of malefic planets can bring very bad results for the native particularly if the planets present on both sides of the Sun are malefic.

For example, the presence of malefic Mars on one side of Sun and the presence of Malefic Saturn on the other side of the Sun in a horoscope will not lead to the formation of Ubhayachari yog in the horoscope and on the contrary, such a combination can produce disastrous results for the native depending on the strength and significances of such malefic planets in the horoscope. In some extreme cases, such an enclosure of Sun by malefic planets from both sides can result in long lasting imprisonment, hospitalization and life threatening conditions and some of these natives may actually be murdered or they may commit suicide under such a malefic influence.

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Therefore, one should be very careful while detecting the presence of Ubhayachari yog in a horoscope and all the aspects of horoscope should be checked properly before concluding the formation of Ubhayachari yog in a horoscope as the situation can be quite the opposite in some horoscopes.

The benefic results given by Ubhayachari yog can differ from horoscope to horoscope depending on the planets involved in the formation of Ubhayachari yog, the strength of these planets, the house of placement of these planets and many other aspects of the horoscope. By Himanshu Shangari. The mind is wavering. Past Life: Sakata Yoga came from earning by cheating others. Suppose one with Sakata Yoga is doing business in this life, he should be advised not to cheat others. If Yoga Bhanga occurs, then he should have spent money for charity. So this can also be a remedy in this life.

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Why Gauri and Shiva? Guru for Gauri and Moon for Shiva.

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Aadama Yoga Sun and Moon in Kendra 4, 7 and 10 to each other not conjoined. He cannot get money, vehicle and education. It came because of neglecting parents. If Jupiter is aspecting the Moon then it is yoga Bhanga. Remedy: Amavasya fasting, Til Homam Til — sesame seeds. Sama Yoga Moon in 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th from Sun.

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Results: Like previous yoga but less effect. Taking care of parents for some time and then neglecting them. Above one was neglecting parents completely, here he takes care of them for some time. Remedy: Fasting on Amavasya. Varishta Yoga This is a benefic yoga. Moon is 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th from Sun. Getting education, money and vehicle. The bad things of Aadama yoga are not there.

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Though he is away from parents — out station, he still helps the parents directly. Having wealth in his own house, gave Daan charity , performed Dharma and received blessings of Dharma Devata. Amala Yoga Benefics in 10th to Lagna or Moon. Owner of lands, children, fame. Why did he get the yoga? In past life he helped start business for others. His motto and aim is that others should come up in life.

There is no Bhanga for this but if a malefic is also there, then it is reduced. It came because for Vishnu Temple, the person offered Pushpa Daan flowers and service to the temple. Subhamala Yoga All planets in 5th, 6th, 7th to Asc. Results are that he becomes a man of authority, has a good wife and children. This Yoga came from treating everybody equal and not doing any harm. Asubhamala Yoga All planets in 6th, 8th, 12th to Asc. Durmarga: evil minded fellow, causing trouble and pain to others, ungrateful person, trying to make trouble between people. This yoga came because, in spite of having lot of property, the person did not do charity and dharma work and was only interested in making money, injuring the wife, taking father-in-laws property.

Lakshmi Yoga 9th lord and Venus are in own house or exaltation, in kendra or trikona. Nitya mangalam, arogayam, wealth, good life. In past life, without fail every Friday he did Lakshmi Pooja in the house and served Sumangalis. Gauri Yoga Moon exaltation, own house or kendra trikona and aspected by Dhanakaraka wealth significator Jupiter.

Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas Related with The Sun & Moon, Chapter VIII, Part – 2

Nice body, good character equal to a King. Fasting every Monday and in the evening going to Parvati Parmesharwaram Temple and serving Shiva Shakti devotees, got this yoga for him in this life. Saraswati Yoga Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in kendra or 2nd house with Jupiter in own house or exaltation. Highly intellectual, mathematical knowledge, drama, world famous and praised by everybody. Came from supporting pundits, constructing education institutions, giving education to students in past life.

Srikantha Yoga Lagna Lord, Sun, Moon in kendra trikona in own house or exaltation or in friendly house. Wearing Rudraksha mala, white body fair complexion , complete devotee of Shiva and does not accept other sects. Serving Shiva devotees he will reach Shiva Pada without rebirth. Sri Naga Yoga Venus, 9th lord, Mercury in Asc, kendra or trikona, in own house or exaltation or friendly house. Very intelligent, clever talker, recitation of puranic stories, giving lectures.

This man is totally Vishnu Bhakta; he will reach the Parama Padam without next birth. He will be very intellectual, vaidicka karma; he will do religious activity, good wife, children, name and fame. He was taking care of Veda Brahmins who were involved in ritual things; he got the blessings of Brahma Deva. Asubha Parivartana 12th lord in any one of the houses but that house lord is in the 12th, same way for 6th and 8th Lords. The person is paapi, with wavering mind, whenever he starts work there will be problems, separating good families, making wife to suffer, giving troubles to the neighbors etc.

Sama Parivartana 3L in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11 removing houses 3, 6, 8 and 12 and that house lord going in 3rd house. In past life, sometimes he spoke good words, sometimes bad words; sometimes he had a good life, sometimes difficult life, and so on in this way. Remedy: Doing Kula Devata family diety Pooja every year. Maha Parivartana Yoga Parivartana exchange between any two of houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and Blessings of goddess Lakshmi, jewelry, good children, did not think bad of others, showed affection to everybody, gave free medical help or aid to others.

Kakala Yoga Dispositor of either Lagna lord or dispositor of 7th lord should be in a trikona or kendra, which should be his own house or exaltation. Will have good children. Steady finance, comfort. It came because of providing free marriages for others and helping needy people. The blessings of Parvati Parmeshara have come in this life. Now, if the Lord creating this yoga is vakri, we can expect the native to carry on with these activities in this life. Sangha Yoga 9th and 10th lords need to be in Kendra or trikona to Lagna. Lot of wealth, native not only built a temple he also took care of it.

Dhama Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 6 Rashis from Asc. The native is humane, sympathetic, generous, philanthropic, charitable, honest, social and hopeful. He possess good moral qualities and enjoys sound health. He enjoys social recognition and gains success in material and spiritual arena. He is endowed with broad outlook, farsightedness and sound judgment. The native has influential friends and acquaintances. The native enjoys good health and abundant vitality. The native is interested in foreign culture and life.

This aspect is concerned with original talent, consciousness of and concentration upon objectives, perception and farsightedness; love of independence in action as well in expression, mobility; striving for reforms, association with societies and group activities, research, exploration, adventure, transportation, aerial and electronic matters and electronic media of communication. The native has magnetism, is endowed with virtues like spiritual insight and originality. At times there is inharmonious attitudes towards people in environment and inability to function in cooperation.

The native is unable to make use of prevalent moral and social values for his benefit. He is not at right place at right time. He is unable to form romantic attachments. Hasty decision, premature actions, immoderation, exaggeration and rebelliousness against rules, regulations and superiors are the keynotes of this aspect.

He uses the power and status so obtained for his own purposes of material well being and gratification of passions. The native is restless, hates relaxation and loves constant action and stimulation. The native may suffer from feverish complaints, disorders of blood and liver, has danger from fire and accidents. This aspect signifies extraordinary vigour, great confidence, a very strong will power, ambition and ability to engage oneself in tasks continuously. The native as matter of fact has ability to reform and regenerate his life through his will-power, constructiveness and ability to take prompt decisions intuitively.

The native is daring, fearless and strong, defends his interests or what he thinks right. His strong will power is his chief instrument. The native likes dynamic conditions in life. The native has ability to engage himself in constructive tasks continuously because of his muscular strength.

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  • Sometimes the native is not in harmony with present day trends and beliefs, he lags behind in reaping the opportunities. His timing of action is faulty and does not bring him success. His action irritate others and bring him frustration and disgrace. The native is lascivious, shuns any action except sexual fancies. This aspect is concerned with obstinacy, self will, harshness, quick-temper, violence, resentment, selfishness and revengeful feelings, the native faces resentment and frustration in his efforts which develop negative attitude in him.

    This is a karmic effect, for that misfortunes hang over him and people in authority do not respond to his cause.