Gemini weekly astrology forecast november 16 2019 michele knight

Something will make you want to get your finances in order around the 28 th. It could just be a moment in which you resolve to go and ask for a pay rise or start thinking about more ways that you can earn money. Look at any useful past contacts as they could give you some advice or a push in the right direction. Take time out to recharge your batteries and give yourself some TLC. Everyone will notice your sudden change from playful and fun loving clown to action packed heroine. Go get it by all means, but make sure you win people over onto your side rather than pushing out from underneath their authority.

You could find yourself overcome by a sudden bout of shyness around the 27 th. Take the pressure off yourself and leave it until you feel more confident. If they are for you, it can wait. If someone is blowing hot and cold or not in contact as much as you would like, take time out to let them decide rather than giving your power away. Your friends keep you busy this week. Use your intuition when it comes to a connection with someone new. It could feel very seductive but are they all that they seem? Work is demanding and you feel you have to go the extra mile and push through.

Instead of feeling stressed and burdened, you could find you thrive on it as new ideas and creativity flow through you. You really do have more creative spark than you realise and perhaps this pressure has brought it out. Squeeze in at least one night out to express your closeness to someone important. A message to you that might have gone astray finally reaches you and might explain a mystery.

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Terms and conditions. New Moon in Virgo. Time to get sorted! Skip to content Featured Articles. Did you love this page? Share it with your friends! Search articles. Click here to book online. Nurture your idea and give it […] read more. Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September with Michele read more.

Simple to use interactive web chat and video readings web chat video chat. Like your own personal horoscope page, and enjoy easy online payments! Join members area now! Loads of psychic tarot readings available FREE online. Weekly Astrology Horoscope Video 2nd September read more. Have a burning question? Trust your noodle. What are you owed or what do you owe in turn, Scorpio? Mercury bumps into Saturn in your money house this week.

To have a structure to your finances if you have not already established one. One thing is for sure, the only way to save money is to spend less of it. Having said that my sizzling friend this week could see money you are owed get paid or a new source of income open up as sensual Venus who rules this house, arrives in here on the 1st. Remember now, if one door closes another opens. What you share with others or they share with you, your salary, benefits, payments and other resources are illuminated by the light of the full Moon in your primal power zone on the 3rd.

As Mercury in your money and security house heads retrograde this could be a time to reconcile your finances and above all, settle outstanding debts. With the planet of contracts, commerce and communication going backwards in your money zone now, it should be obvious that this is not a good time to seek a new loan if you can possibly help it. You could also re-tap into a past source of income. Is there anything you can do to re-generate something that brought you past abundance?

Sort it now. Oh, and hey there could be a naughty affair in the offing or a sudden overwhelming infatuation with someone on the 3rd.

Gemini Weekly Astrology Forecast 2nd November 2015 Michele Knight

In a nutshell: You could be right where the smart money is this week, Scorpio. Reap the rewards of good financial planning. Or bank on new goals paying off. Revive something in your life this week, Sag. Plus you have sensual Venus also arriving, bumping the planetary action up to four. Is it you yourself who needs a little soul revival? Over the past two and a half years you have been asked to create a structure or a foundation of some kind.

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This can be a value structure — a belief system which supports and sustains you. Or it can be something physical — a project, a base, a more structured lifestyle, a business, a home, a routine. Just so long as you embarked on a learning curve which involved establishment and authorship on some level. Oh, and taking of the reins of responsibility for your own life and choices formed a big part of this. The result should have been a more grounded and confident you.

As Mercury meets Saturn this week you could literally witness the results of this. Body and soul reviving Venus could have you transforming your image. Think of this as a rebirth.

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Unexpected meetings, chance encounters stem from opening up to invitations that take you out of your usual circle. Those archers coupled up will be more than usually focussed on their partner and their needs. Your attunement is heightened and two wild hearts could beat as one. In a nutshell: Is it time for a re-vamp or a reinvention, Sag? A new you could just push the reset button now.

Weekly Horoscope November 27 2017 (Written)

And create a fresh future at the same time. Ask and the answer is given to you The truth sets you free Past loves, past lives — both could shape your future.

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Karmic ties, secrets, spiritual insights, intuition and the past all add a bit of mystery to this week. Do you have a hunch about something, Capricorn? You may now possess the uncanny ability to know what is going to happen before it does. Or you hear something and your reaction is: I knew that. Because on a soul level you did. Mercury, planet of communication meets your ruler Saturn in your 12th of mysteries and mysticism this week.

Saturn has less than a month before leaving this house and arriving in your sign for the first time in 28 years! This is powerful stuff! This is the house of secrets and these include the secrets we keep from ourselves that hold us back. Past loves — from this lifetime and others, could be drawn back to you as Venus arrives here as well. There are now four planets in your 12th, linking you to a wellspring of intuitive insight that you can apply right here, in the real world, for lasting, life-and-soul changing results.

If you need answers now, ask.

Weekly Horoscope November 27 (Written) - Michele Knight

You will receive them. Tune in and listen to your psychic antenna. Uranus in your home zone may have brought unexpected shifts and changes around the house, family and whatever makes you feel grounded and secure. In fact, these past few years may have felt more like a rollercoaster than anything else. Mars in your 10th of career opposes him this week, and the question is, are you on a rollercoaster still? Strangely enough, you do have the power to control the speed, direction and the outcome. You can also get off if you want to.

The key is to reach for a new solution which Mars is driving you towards. Use that as the full Moon brings a work or even wellbeing issue into focus. You have more control than you think. You got this believe in yourself. Mercury heads retrograde this week and again, as he is in you 12th there is more to this than just the usual Retro Rules.

You are going to find yourself re-framing or re-evaluating the past based on the present. Expect those past participants to contact you or just reappear. Whether they continue into the future with you — use your insight to determine that. Use these for answers to practical matters. Past friends, past connections, past hangouts. Expect these to return or you to re-visit them now. Four planets sit in your 11th of your larger social circle this week and you also have a full Moon in its opposite house — your 5th. As well as the house of romance, this is very much the house of good times too.

However, chances are they will be connecting with you. Mercury meets Saturn in your 11th this week. This could see one connection or group cemented for the long term or else you realise you no longer have anything in common and decide to let it go. However, the arrival of Venus, planet of pleasure in here on the 1st points to enjoyment with a dash of passion and spontaneity thrown in.

Make an effort and accept any invites — especially last minute ones. The combination of Venus in here and a full Moon in your pleasure zone could hint at a lovey-dovey opportunity — or at the very least the chance to flex those flirtation muscles. Whether something more lasting is on offer is another matter. Ruler Uranus in your communication house opposes Mars in your expansion zone this week offering a boredom-busting opportunity to expand your world on some level.

We are now in the Mercury Retrograde shadow, and the retrograde occurs this week on the 3rd. Allow plenty of time to get places, triple check before setting out and have a back-up plan just in case. Use the retrograde as an opportunity to realign your dreams with what makes your soul come alive. Above all, this retrograde will be all about old pals, acquaintances and contacts. You may rediscover the resonance.

In a nutshell: Get ready to reconnect. Old friends, old hangouts and good times feature. Rediscover old resonance in a reunion with past loves this week. Get serious for serious results Make that move The choices you make today create your future tomorrow. Remember, he will not visit this sector of your chart for another 28 years. This is a now-or-never moment in terms of your career especially as Venus enters this house too this week, boosting the number of planets in here to four.

The past two and a half years have all been about creating a structure, establishing something and learning from this. What have you built and what have you learned? You are now being offered the opportunity to put this into practice and to reap rewards that are due for you.