Sharabha yoga in horoscope

He will also enjoy patronage of kings, ministers or people of authority and will get their help.

Astrology lesson 8: Astrology lesson 5: Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Raj yoga and Yoga karka planets)

He will have long and happy married life benefic results related to 7th house. He will have long life, free of debts and mishap and miseries benefic results related to 8th house. He will have fame, earn respect, will have leadership qualities and earn much wealth special results of all the three houses combined. They both did Tapasya at Kalahasti only and got their boon from shiva. That is why Kalahasti is famous for performing kalasarpa yaga.

Rasi in Hindu Astrology – Zodiacal Signs

I heard it from so from astrologers in south india. I am not thorough in astrology nor neither in any thing, I am still a learner. Posted February 20, Dear Mr. I am told I also have KSY. The trip was not undertaken for the pooja in mind. Anyways I have not seen any improvement in business and I am yet unmarried. To be honest I really dont know if KSY exists or if something else is wrong with my chart. Also if doing any sort of pooja changes anything.

Hope you wont mind this mail. Tejaswinaavadhiitamastu ma vidvishavahai.

Raja Yoga and other Yogas in Astrology

Ohm shanti shanti santhihi. A lot of astrologers place high importance to kala sarpa yoga while some do not. Out of Three main contributors Mr.

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Rafal says there is Kala sarpa yoga present and his analysis cannot be entirely wrong. It may be that he takes a diffrent route to reach his conclusion.

Gaurav do not believe at all in the kala sarpa yoga. Though this Yoga is not mentioned in classical works, I remember reading about it in Astrological Magazine a few years back. I have seen horoscopes with this said yoga with no remarkable effect and yet some with drastic effect like riches-to-rags condition. My own thoughts are this condition lies dorment for most part of life span and may get triggered during some period which will practcaly destroy him- That too subject to other malefic conditions in the horoscope.

As we know Horoscope basicaly indicates the past karma of person, It might be good if Astrologers analise why this yoga is present if at all it is present. In the midst of this, I took a look at the horoscope out of curiosity.

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Atmakarka Jupiter weak? For sucess in life depends on ones karma, 10th house is very important. The 10th house is having papa madhya sthithy with sun in the 12th and mars in 2nd. This alone is enough to deprive the native of the fruits of hard work does he work hard enough? Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content. When the second house from moon sign is occupied by a planet other than the sun the Sunapha yoga arises. This yoga bestows upon the native status, huge wealth, and capacity to earn his fortune, religious inclination, virtuous pursuits and a quiet nature.


The exact nature of this yoga will depend upon the nature of planet or planets causing this yoga. Several varieties of this yoga thus arise depending upon which planet occupies the second house from the moon, and whether it is a single occupant or has other associates. The person will be intelligent; his intellectual skills will be much appreciated and get him lots of fame.